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Korea Baby Shark 3D Mask (Individual Package / 1 box 20pcs)

  • Product Code: Korea Baby Shark 3D Mask (Individual Package / 1 box 20pcs)
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Children need to use a lot of masks when they return to school????A lot of masks are not enough

A lot of moms want to restock again


Genuine Pinkfong Baby Shark authorization

3D three-dimensional models, New series for toddlers and children models!!!

Baby Shark 12cm x 10cm

(applicable for 2-4 years old)

(According to the size of the face, please refer to the size)


  More comfortable than general surgical masks   Breathing smoothly

Three-dimensional tailoring and comfortable veneer ️ to enhance the protective effect

  Skin-friendly material certification does not cause allergies

Reduce children's resistance because they feel uncomfortable

  Elastic elastic rope, belt all day long ears

Most of the 3D stereoscopic use of cloth ear straps

Wearing it a few times/Dai Nai Zuo will start to deform and loosen!

Elastic rope is more suitable for lively and active children

General surgical masks need to pinch the steel wire and then pull it apart

It is difficult for children to judge whether the microphone is worn correctly ❓

  3D stereo model can be opened and worn, suitable for children

  Individual packaging, convenient for back-up replacement


The three-layer structure is comfortable and at the same time defensive

Outer printed non-woven fabric

Surface layer, prevents droplets and mist from penetrating

 Effectively block body fluids, droplets, dust, pollen, suspended particles, etc...

Melting blown cloth filter layer in the middle layer

Has the effect of filtering bacteria

  Effectively filter bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus

Inner non-woven fabric

Skin-friendly composite fiber non-woven fabric, good air permeability, can absorb the mouth foam produced by the wearer, comfortable and not easy to allergies


Nelson Labs Report


Oeko-Tex Class 1 Standard 100

Environmental protection, non-toxic and skin-friendly certification for textile materials

No fluorescent agent inspection

The printing ink is verified to be free of fluorescent agent

Improve plant quality assurance

BSCI certification

International standardized mask production plant


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