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Korea Toobi Mask KF94 (Individual Package / 1 box 50 pcs)

  • Product Code: Korea Toobi Mask KF94 (1 box 50 pcs)
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Korea Toobi Mask KF94

Four-layer anti-epidemic three-dimensional mask white model (1 box of 50pcs)


#Economic and practical choice

The breathing space is larger and more comfortable than the general three-dimensional KF94

The raw materials of all masks are 100% Made in Korea


KF94 vs N95 are anti-epidemic masks of the same grade

Effectively block viruses and bacteria

  Suitable for both men and women✅Size is about 205x80mm

  Independent packaging✅Three-dimensional comfort

  Four layers of protection✅The nose position has iron wire adjustment

  Has Korean safety certification✅Blocking viruses and bacteria


With KFDA safety certification, Korean Food and Drug Administration certification KF94 level, FDA certificate

The packaging is also printed with the words for medical external use (의약외품), which is approved by the Korean government for medical professionals

Effectively filter out 94% of 0.4 fine suspended particles in the air

Block droplets, viruses, bacteria from spreading infection???? Block fine dust and fine suspended matter

Protect the respiratory system from pollutants and infectious substances


The special design of the three-dimensional nose position reduces the pressure on the iron wire of the nose position, and will not make the glasses easy to fog

Comfortable design around the chin, expand the breathing space, greatly improve the breathability

High protection, breathable and comfortable

KF94 masks are produced in South Korea to develop standards

According to the official website of the Korea Food and Drug Administration (MFDS)

This standard has a filtration rate of more than 94% for particles with a diameter of 0.4μm

In other words, KF94 standard mask can filter out at least 94%

Particles with a diameter equal to 0.4μm

Therefore KF94 masks are similar to KN95, N95 and other masks

All masks are of the same protection level, which can filter general infectious virus.

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