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Korea Huons VC Brightening Spots Essence Ampoule 1 box of 50 pcs (2ml)

  • Product Code: Huons VC Brightening Spots Essence Ampoule 1 box of 50 pcs (2ml)
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Direct delivery from Korea, Korea Huons VC Brightening Spots Essence Ampoule 1 box of 50 pcs (2ml)

The manufacturer finally has stock ❗

A whitening holy product from a Korean cosmetic surgery hospital

Korea VC Spot Essence Whitening Liquid Ampoule! Where is the magic??

Why is it called [God’s Whitening Essence]

㊙㊙㊙The triple effect of freckle, scar and whitening is revealed ❗❗❗


Due to its water-soluble characteristics, after adding water light needle

️ will increase the absorption of hyaluronic acid

️ At the same time increase vitamin C

️ Prevent skin darkening

1pc 2ml essence ❗ equivalent to 4000 pieces of paper mask

One white cover three ugliness, the Korean medical beauty myth

️ How white and smooth ❗ Use VC at home to use it yourself


How to use

✅  Use about 2~3 times a week, need to be used at night

✅  After washing your face at night, dry your face and apply 1~2 vitamins evenly on the whole face

✅  Turn off the light and wait for about half an hour (in physical condition, some white powder on the face is normal)

✅ Rinse with clean water and then perform daily maintenance steps



VC will oxidize and turn black under a certain amount of light

Keep your face dry when using VC

The light must be turned off to use the essence. Electronic products that emit light cannot be used.



Be careful when opening the bottle, wrap the slender bottle with toilet paper

Then hold the slender bottle mouth with a grip and break it

Do not use your fingers to break it is hard to break with the force of your fingers


Expiry date: January 2023

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