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Japan Mosquito Killing Gel 1 box /1pc

  • Product Code: Japan Mosquito Killing Gel 1 box /1pc
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Summer mosquitoes, nemesis, Japan Earth Chemical Mosquito Killing Gel, The choice for sucking mosquitoes, Easy to use, Effective and effective‼  Made in Japan!  No need to use electricity, Say byebye with mosquitoes, bugs, flying ants, and flies


The weather in Hong Kong is humid and it is easy to breed mosquitoes, I don’t want to use insecticides, I am afraid that it will be harmful to children and food ⛔ It’s really annoying! This mosquito suction artifact is a must-have in summer,  Infestation of mosquitoes, insects, flying ants, and flies Suck it in.  It is effective, just put it in the bathroom, kitchen, trash can and other places where there are mosquitoes/flies, and you can solve the troubles of the pretty moms. The price is cheap and easy to use.


Earth Chemical Mosquito Sucking Gel

Made in Japan, No electricity required

The smell of mosquito gel can attract insects. After inhaling, the gel can capture and kill insects firmly  

You can suck mosquitoes, bugs, flying ants, and flies in the room  

Jelly will stick to insects

Suitable places: toilets, kitchens, trash cans  

Especially suitable for use near food that cannot be sprayed with pesticides

Can be used continuously for 30 days (but in fact, you can change it until no more gel)



1) Tear off the sealing film of the product

2) According to the marking of the cap and the bottle body, correspond to the position and close it

3) Turn the cap clockwise to use


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