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Boto Pomegranate Stick 15g x 50pcs

  • Product Code: Boto Pomegranate Stick 15g x 50pcs
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Korea BOTO Concentrated Pomegranate Juice Carrying Bag 15g*50 Bags

"Queen's Juice" Korean Anti-aging Famous

Concentrated pomegranate juice carry-on bag. You can also take it with you, so you can drink it anytime~


50% pomegranate extract

Fine Molecule Fish Collagen

Easy to carry in a small bag


Anti-oxidation + lowering blood sugar + anti-inflammation + prevention of cardiovascular disease, the whole family is healthy~

 Using high-quality natural pomegranate juice grown in Spain. It contains 4 essential nutrients, 10 vitamins and 10 minerals, which are extremely beneficial to women. It can regulate secretion disorders during the menstrual period and effectively relieve discomfort before and after menstruation. It has high antioxidant capacity and can maintain skin moisturizing and brightening. Red pomegranate is of great help to women at every stage, and it is the best girlfriend for women.


*The reason why Koreans pursue red pomegranate juice is that it has high nutritional value and is especially good for women! It is said that a generation of beauties such as Concubine Yang and the Egyptian Demon Empress have loved to eat red pomegranate, so red pomegranate has the nickname "Queen's Pomegranate". In addition, South Korea recorded that pomegranate was mild in nature, non-toxic, sweet and sour in taste, and had the effect of moisturizing the throat.


 Recommended drinking method:

Morning: 1 packet after breakfast

Lunch: 1 packet after lunch

Evening: 1 sachet after dinner/before bed (Improve sleep quality)

*You can drink one day (1 to 2 packs)

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