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Ur.PNT CUT, TAN-FAT One Set 瘦身三寶

  • Brand: Ur.PNT
  • Product Code: Ur.PNT CUT, TAN-FIT 瘦身三寶
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HK$1,117.00 HK$1,176.00

One Set: TVB Artist Bob Lam's wife recommended the strongest weight-loss combination

(In Stock Now)

TAN X 1 box + CUT X 1 box + FAT X 1 box Total 3 boxes

Successful cases in 1 month easily lose 25 pounds

Big belly disappeared in 1 month, weight loss is not a dream

Central obesity is saved

South Korea UR.PNT‼ President‼ Developed by a team of professional doctors

Obtained KFDA verification and confidence guarantee

Body fat is gone

Sharply reduce waist circumference

Weight (suitable for on-diet person)

Improve BMI

Accelerate metabolism

Enhance the effect of slimming after exercise

Boost immunity

Coconut oil helps burn body fat, increase satiety and accelerate metabolism

Conjugated linoleic acid belongs to omega-6 essential fatty acids, which can be used to reduce weight

and increase metabolic rate.

Medical research has pointed out that weight loss has a significant effect, which can

accelerate the decomposition of fat cells,

Reduce body fat and cholesterol, prevent body fat from staying,

and promote muscle growth at the same time,

So it can help sculpt the figure‼

Quickly reduce waist circumference‼


TAN How to eat: pre-dinner food (lunch and dinner)

Mild obesity: 1 capsule twice a day

Obesity: 2 capsules twice a day

For those who exercise, 2 capsules before exercise can achieve better results

Specification: 750MG X 60 capsules


CUT How to eat: 1-2 packs per day before meals (breakfast)


FAT How to eat: take 2 capsules 1-2 hours before going to bed


**Disclaimer: Each body's constitution and degree of absorption are different,

and the effect varies from person to person**






















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